CS Series


CS Series Calcium Sulphate Panel System

Unifloor’s calcium sulphate panel has become the preferred choice for architects, specifiers and end users due to its enhanced performance characteristics compared other similar panels.The calcium sulphate core is inherently less susceptible to fluctuations in humidity and temperature in extreme enviornments. This assists with on-site installation programming and therefore offers greater flexibility. These panels comply to the European Standard EN12825 and are tested in accordance to the EN 13501. Moreover, we also manufacture calcium sulphate panels complying with the British PSA/MOB Standard, with much higher requirements in terms of load class. The standard dimension is 600×600 mm, but upon request, other dimensions are available.
Unifloor CS panels are available with typical data center finishes such as high pressure laminates and conductive / dissipative vinyl. The system is compatible with a full array of understructure and installation applications.




Available in 4 performance standards with a vast range of understructure products to accommodate your anticipated loading requirements.

  • CSG 800 Medium Duty with Galvanized Steel Sheet
  • CSG 1000 Heavy Duty with Galvanized Steel Sheet
  • CSA 800 Medium Duty with Aluminum Sheet
  • CSA 1000 Heavy Duty with Aluminum Sheet


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